About the artist

The style of her works have been deeply influenced by Xie Mingzhang and her teacher Lin Jhenge Jue. After graduating from high school, She attended Chinese Culture University at the art department. At university, she had the opportunity to develop her strengths: oil painting, water painting, sketches and illustrations.

The style of her work have been influenced also by Roberto Ferri. Most of the works express the tension, exquisiteness of the human body.

After graduation, her interest for art and baking kept growing, she naturally started to combine those 2 passions and share it with us. Exquisite and delicate desserts are like jewels, they attract and create joy to people without distinction. This is with this motivation of sharing that she established her Instagram.

I want to use my brushes to lead everyone to the wonderland of food illustration,  where there are unlimited imagination, possibilities, and creations.” – Alice

The Swan

A pair of snow-white swans swimming in water. Their postures are light and graceful, pure and white and this is what carried in the painting.

I used some yellow and blue to present the feeling of light and shadows which can show the feeling under the sun in an early morning.

water color, canvas 22.5 x 19.5

Pink ribbon

The most difficult part of this painting is definitely not the delicate decorations. Reproducing the perfect glazing with its mirroring effect is the biggest challenge.

To give volume to the cake, a precise control of the brush and its orientation is key. A good balance of the contrast will produce the desired mirror effect.

water color, canvas 22.5 x 19.5

Indulge chocolate cake

Different chocolates show different appearances, smooth as a mirror or complex detailed pieces.

The painting has to represent this dual structure, each element has therefore used different techniques. Those single pieces combine in a sublime elegant whole creation.

water color, canvas 22.5 x 19.5

Pear chestnut cider Mont Blanc

The chestnut filling on the Mont blanc cake body is what makes it so particular and charming. The color gradient and curves of each bars make this cake alive and unique.

This painting represents a lot for me as it expresses my attachment to details, those same details that bring realistic life to a painting.

water color, canvas 22.5 x 19.5

The chocolate world

Understanding all intricate branches, strokes, layers and details is similar to elucidate a riddle.

Solving the depth of this chocolate sculpture was a great challenge and only after understanding it the game of lighting could be applied to pursue reality.

It feels like picturing an entire world.

water color, canvas 22.5 x 19.5

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