Sharing the knowledge

Very comfortable in any type of public events, Chef Julien will always communicate his love for pastry to any types of guests (professional, amateurs, kids…) with a lot of professionalism and enthusiast.

Cooking class

Chef Julien has been conducted class in different pastry schools in South East Asia, especially in China. Sharing his vision of pastry with signature creations, innovative recipes and techniques. Julien has been invited in famous school like “Belle-Vie” in Changsha, Medaille School (Shenzhen, Guangzhou), Haollee (Beijing), Willy-Wonka (Chengdu), …
Recently Julien even have been invited in “Lycée professional St-Joseph” the same pastry school he studied at to present his career and attest that passion and hard work leads you to where you want.

Chef Julien animated different classes for beginner and confirmed amateur cooks. The challenge is to be able to find a simple cake recipe to make and a variety of decoration. And so, everyone will have a room to express their creativity. Here is the recipe for a fun and interesting cooking session.

Probably the funniest time in the kitchen, is to share passion with kids, helping them decorating cupcakes or gingerbread house. It is very challenging to keep them focus but they really know how to be thankful! 

Consulting (coming back soon)