Showpiece and competition

A chocolate world

One my favorite part of working in Pastry kitchen is to create art showpiece made 100% with chocolate.

Here are some of my creations towards the year. I am always looking forward to the next one…

Competing to grow

I am convinced that competition is a booster for a team.
It creates a very strong dynamic as participants always train hard and push their limits.
To achieve high quality products with creative and innovative techniques.

Julien joined the Taiwan National team to compete in Asian pastry cup in 2018 and then in the “Coupe du Monde de la patisserie” (Pastry World Cup) in 2019.
I also compete myself in the C3 (Chocolate chef competition) organized by Valrhona, in 2018.
My team members also join several local Taiwanese competition and winning awards (Taiwan bakery show, Taiwan Gateaux Association, Ruby Callebaut chocolate competition…)