Plated dessert

Lava tiramisu

the lava tiramisu is quickly become the signature dish of Ziga-Zaga, the Italian restaurant of Grand Hyatt Taipei.

It is a very eye-catching dessert that the waiter will help you to experiment when removing the transparent cover and let the light mascarpone cream falls all around the base made of lady finger sponge, coffee crumble and coffee jelly

A must eat when in Taipei, Grand Hyatt Ziga-Zaga

Lemon star

Created for new year 2019, this version of lemon tart is very attractive. I choose the star shape as a reference to the flying star, and so, guest could make a wish to bring them luck for the year to come.

Pear Chestnut Cider Mont Blanc

First created in 2020 for a private for Chanel that was holds at autumn falls, this dessert will be soon features in a French recipes book (2021)